Athletics at ICA

At Immaculate Conception Academy, we believe in the importance of physical activity, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Students in Pre-K through 8th Grade participate in a weekly physical education class, as well as daily recess periods. Our Early Education students also have access to the gymnasium and playgrounds for developmentally appropriate physical education programs. ICA offers the opportunity to participate in team sports through the Immaculate Conception Parish and Berks Catholic CYO programs.

Immaculate Conception CYO currently offers:

Boys' and Girls' Basketball (Grades 3-8)

Boys' Baseball (Grades 6-8)

Boys' and Girls' Cross Country (Kindergarten-Grade 8)

Girls' Volleyball (Grades 6-8)

For more information, please visit the Immaculate Conception CYO Page.


Berks Catholic Youth Sports currently offers:

Cheerleading (Kindergarten-Grade 8)

Girls' Field Hockey (Grades 7-8)

Football (Kindergarten- Grade 8)

Boys' and Girls' Lacrosse (Kindergarten-Grade 8)

Girls' Softball (Grades 7-8)

Boys' and Girls' Soccer (Grades 7-8)

Boys' Wrestling (Kindergarten-Grade 8)

For more information please visit the Berks Catholic Athletics webpage.