• Immaculate Conception Academy is now enrolling students in Preschool through Grade 8 for the 2017-18 school year!

    For more information and to set up a visit, please contact Adele Reilly, Advancement Director at 610-404-8645 or adele.reilly@icaknights.org!

    Immaculate Conception Academy
  • Immaculate Conception Academy is now enrolling for our new 5 full day Pre-K program!

    Immaculate Conception Academy will now offer Pre-K students the opportunity to attend up to 5 full days or 5 half days!

    Program Hours are 8:30 am -2:45 pm or 8:30 am -Noon. Aftercare is available for full day students. For more information, Please contact Mrs. Adele Reilly, Advancement Director at 610-404-8645 or adele.reilly@icaknights.org.


    Immaculate Conception Academy

Important announcements

All math classes make sure you pickup your weekly math maintenance from your homeroom teacher.

7th grade please bring to class each day as we will review the packet daily. 


STEM classes and exciting Going Ons!!!!


Current projects in classes K-8 2nd trimester

  •  8th grade starting claymation film project.transformation 2 to 5 minute film.
  • 7th grade real bridge building , building one of 7 greatest bridges in the world ,replica.
  • 6th grade starting the 4h/pennstate  junk drawer robotics module 1- finish catapult/trebucht challenge
  • 5th grade Cs first story telling , then creating there own story.
  • 4th grade stem research and explore homopolar motor- electricity and magnetism,and batteries
  • 3rd grade stem simple bridge and structure design.
  • 2nd grade stem codable on ipads and light bot
  • 1st grade stem codable on ipads and light bot
  • Kindergarten stem exploring ipads and nearpod lessons involving alphabet



7th grade pre-algebra homework

4/28 working on classroom packet linear graphing, 6 page workbook. Will have test on tuesday 5/2 100 point test linear graphing , all forms of slope. 

We will finish Chapter graphing translations ,reflections and the section on Rotations.

We will then touch on 2d Geometery to finish the year out. Along with various word  problem solving that goes with this.

8th grade Foundations of Algebra Homework

Homework 4/27 polynomial section 681 finish homework problems 10 thru 17 adding and subtracting polynominals.



Adding and subtracting.Finishing with Multiplying polynomials.

Last of trimester we will explore 3d geometry and surface area