Stem classes are in full tilt heading into November!


We also are pleased to announce Mrs. Sosh has joined us as the new Library coordinator and she will be coteaching  stem classes as well as coordinating the library and Book Fair.

STEM classes and exciting Going Ons!!!!


  • 8th grade - are now in full production of the up and coming event commercials as well as creating news stories.
  • 8th class who are not making commercials are participating in class on the google applied digital skills course of if then story told through google slide project.
  • 7th also having finished internet safety have moved on to a google applied digital skills project like 8th grades but based on continents and environments of the world.
  • 6th Grade stem is in process of do junk drawer robotics, in which they are up to how a /an engineer thinks , communicates and begins the design process.
  • 5th Grade. Is in beginning stages of learning how to use Chromebooks and google suite education apps , along with google classroom.
  • 4th Grade having participated in internet safety and sumdog math contest are now moving on into Chromebooks and how to sign on and use google account across the application s also. they too are in google classroom and participating in projects in classroom. They will begin computer programming on the Chromebooks , using scratch regular site in conjunction with google computer science club curriculum.
  • 3rd also is learning how to use google apps , they too have been given a generic google account in which they have begun to learn google documents. but they are doing keyboard training on google chrome app typing club first to familiarize them selves with Chromebooks keyboard and general keyboarding skills.
  •  2nd grade is doing the stem project based on the book Javier builds a bridge in which students learn about simple bridge building and start the process of how to think ,intiate a possible answer to a problem then create ,design and build a item or in this case a bridge. then improve upon it. 
  • 1st grade is learning finished internet safety training and is learning how to log in and out of the math website Sumdog.
  • Kindergarten is in process of learning the scholastic science spins and also participate in ipad nearpods doing alphabet and numbers.
  • Also recently participated in mouse training, Carving a virtual pumpkin