Important announcements

Have a great summer

 If you were in my 7th grade math class and did not get simmer math packet I will be sending them out soon thanks 

STEM classes and exciting Going Ons!!!!


Current projects in classes K-8 2nd trimester


7th grade pre-algebra homework

4/28 working on classroom packet linear graphing, 6 page workbook. Will have quiz on tuesday 5/2  10 point test linear graphing , all forms of slope. Next Tuesday will have a 100 point test on chapter 13. 5/9/17

We will continue into non-linear equations /Quadratic and graphing.

final will consist of All pre-algebra sections and general math final assessment. Packets for finals will be going out week may 15th.


8th grade Foundations of Algebra Homework

Homework 5/2 adding and subtracting polynomial  14-3 and 14-4 all problems except critical thinking they can be done for extra homework credit.

 The rest of week we will be multiplying and dividing polynomials.

100 point test on  polynomials will be Tuesday 5/9

once Class returns on 5/12 after New York field trip we will be preparing for finals. Final work packets will be given out week of 5/15/17