5th Grade is AMAZING and so are all of the families and friends!  We have reached over $120 per lap for our class and raised about $3500!  The kids had a blast at the Fun Run! Monday, March 18 will be our dress down day for St. Patrick's Day!

CogAT Testing for grades 3, 5, and 7 will be on Wednesday, March 20 - Friday, March 22.  Please make sure that your children are getting a good night of sleep each night and have a healthy breakfast in the morning.  All testing will take place in the morning!

Field trip permission forms for the Philadelphia Museum of Art went home on Wednesday, March 13.  Forms and money are due back by Friday, March 22.  Seder Meal permission forms went home today (3/15).  Money and forms are due by April 15.

This week in Grade 5:

Religion - We are practicing our lines for Living Stations of the Cross this week!  A reminder that our presentations will be on April 12 and April 14.

Math -  We are working on the different types of graphs.

Reading -  We will be reading  The Watson's Go to Birmingham - 1963.

Science - We are studying the world's ecosystems and biomes!

Social Studies - No Taxation Without Representation!  5th Grade is in the middle of the American Revolution.  We have Loyalists, Patriots, and Undecided citizens in our midst.  This week we will be focusing on the building tension between King George III and the colonists.  

ELA -  We are taking a break from spelling this week due to CogAT testing.  Words can be found at the bottom of this page in the study guide section.   We will be finishing up our study of adjectives.

Please be sure to check this page often!  You will always find updated Homework, Test/Project dates, Happenings at ICA, and other important 5th grade information!

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     Spelling:  None

     Math: Packet due Friday.

     English:  Workbook page 46

     Religion:  None

     Social Studies:  None

     Science:  None


     Spelling:  None

     Math:  Pages 117 and 122.  Packet due Friday.

     English:  Workbook Page 47

     Religion: None

     Social Studies:  None

     Science:  None


      Spelling:  None

      Religion: None


      Religion:  None

      Social Studies:  None

      Science:  None


       Spelling:  None

       Math:     Packet due tomorrow

       English:  None

       Religion:  None

       Social Studies:  None

       Science:  None









Upcoming Tests, Quizzes, and Project Dates

Friday, March 29 - Current Event Due




Happenings at ICA

Wednesday, March 20 - Friday, March 22 - CoGat Exams for Grades 3, 5, and 7

Wednesday, March 27 - Field Trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Thursday, March 28 - Confessions

Friday, March 29 - Mass

Saturday, March 30 - Gloria Singers Workshop at Berks Catholic

Sunday, March 31 - Gloria Singers Concert

Monday, April 1 - Friday, April 5 - IOWA Exams for Grades 2 - 7

Saturday, April 6  - Kennedy House Soup Kitchen

Tuesday, April 9 - Mathletes

Friday, April 12 - Early Dismissal at Noon/Art Show 6-8 pm

Wednesday, April 17 - Mass/Seder Meal for Grades 5 - 8

Thursday, April 18 & Friday, April 19 - Easter Vacation

Wednesday, April 24 - Spring Music Recital







Daily Schedules

Lunch - 11:20 - 11:40

Recess - 11:40 - 12:00

Special Schedules


Art - 12:50 - 1:35


Physical Education - 10:15  - 11:15

Library -  1:00 - 1:45


No Specials


Music - 8:45 - 9:30

STEM - 10:30 - 11:15


No Specials


Study Guides

Looking to study for vocabulary?  Head to to practice unit words with interactive games and activities.

Unit 11 Spelling/Vocabulary Words:  



STEM Corner

5th grade is beyond excited to begin working with Mr. Forkin on our STEM project.  We have pledged to undertake the NASA Youth STEM Challenge for the remainder of our school year!  We will be designing our very own Rover!  This week in class students began their prototyping and testing.  As we move forward, all students to bring a copybook, pen/pencil, scissors, metric ruler (which we have plenty of in the lab), and eventually a math compass.  It is so exciting to see our school partnering with NASA for this challenge.  Please check back for updates, and don't forget to stop by Facebook and Instagram to see the Knights in action!