I hope that you all enjoyed this year's first snow day!  Some adjustments have been made to our schedule so please be sure to read through the website!  Our Bake Sale will continue on Monday, November 19.  So as not to interfere with our Thanksgiving Dinner, we will be selling in the lobby before student lunches begin!  Our second sale remains on schedule for December 5 and 6.  A reminder that Tuesday is Mass and an Early Dismissal at noon.  If you have any clothes for the St. Charles Clothing Drive, the last day to bring those in is Monday.  I will be sending everything down to Miss Griffin on Monday morning so that they can be shipped out to St. Charles in time for their Christmas Show!  

This week in Grade 5:

Religion - This week we will finish Chapter 10 and begin preparations for our Jesse Tree Project.  Forms were sent home for this on Thursday, November 15.  If you did not see one, please ask your 5th Grader or send me an email.  

Math -  We are working on division, order of operations, and exponents.

Reading -  This week we will be finishing our discussion and paperwork on The Giver

Science -  We will be starting Chapter 6 and learning  how to protect our resources.  

Social Studies - We have finished our chapter and will take our test after Thanksgiving vacation.

ELA - We will take a break from spelling and vocabulary due to our 1 1/2 day week.  

Please be sure to check this page often!  You will always find updated Homework, Test/Project dates, Happenings at ICA, and other important 5th grade information!

If you need to contact me, my email address is





     Vocabulary:  None


     English:  None

     Religion:  None

     Social Studies: None

     Science:  None


     Vocabulary:  None


     English: None

     Religion: None

     Social Studies:  None

     Science - None

 Wednesday:  Thanksgiving Break





      Social Studies:  

Thursday:  Happy Thanksgiving!!





       Social Studies:  

Friday:  Thanksgiving Break







Upcoming Tests, Quizzes, and Project Dates

Monday, November 19 - Chapter 10 Religion/Unit 5 Vocabulary

Wednesday, November 28 - Chapter 2 Social Studies Test

Friday, November 30 - Current Event Due on Google Classroom




Happenings at ICA

Monday, November 19 - 5th Grade Bake Sale for Anthony and Desi

Tuesday, November 20 - Mass at 9/Early Dismissal at Noon

November 21 - November 26 - Thanksgiving Break

November 27 - First Trimester Ends

Friday, November 30 - Music in the Schools Assembly at 1:30

Tuesday, December 4 - Christmas Show at 1:00 pm/Cookie Walk following the show

Wednesday, December 5 - Report Cards

Friday, December 7 - A Busy Day!!  

             9:00 am - Mass

             10:30 am  - Picture Retakes

             7th Grade Cookies & Cocoa

             12:00 - Dismissal

December 13 & 14 - Confessions

December 21 - Mass at 9 am

December 24 - January 2 - Christmas Vacation

Wednesday, January 3 - School Resumes





Daily Schedules

Lunch - 11:20 - 11:40

Recess - 11:40 - 12:00

Special Schedules


STEM - 8:45 - 9:30

Art - 12:50 - 1:35


Physical Education - 10:15  - 11:15 


Library - 8:45 - 9:30


Music - 8:45 - 9:30


Study Guides

Looking to study for vocabulary?  Head to to practice unit words with interactive games and activities.

Unit 5 Spelling/Vocabulary words:  blemish, blunt, capable, conclude, detect, fatigue, festive, hospitality, nomad, persecute, supreme, transport


STEM Corner

On Monday, November 12 5th Grade had a fun-filled STEM project!  We worked in small groups to build an earthquake-proof structure.  Students were given 20 mini-marshmallows, 30 toothpicks, and a base of jello that would be their building foundation.  They were instructed to build a structure with their toothpicks and marshmallows that was at least 6 inches tall.   Next, students would work together to slide their Jello foundation back and forth a total of 15 times.  Would their structures remain standing?  As students worked, they completed a lab report including their hypothesis and a drawing of their structure.  If structures were stable, they could then add on to their building with more toothpicks and marshmallows.  This was a great project to wrap up our chapter on Earth's landforms and natural disasters.  Students were able to understand the types of issues that face our scientists, engineers, and architects across the world.

PA Science & Technology Standards met in this lesson:

3.2.5.B1 - Explain how mass of an object resists change to motion.

3.2.5.B7 - Understand how theories are developed. Identify questions that can be answered through scientific investigation.

3.4.5.A1 - Explain how people use tools and techniques to help them do things.

3.4.5.C1 - Explain how the design process is a purposeful method of planning practical solutions to problems.

3.4.5.D1 - Identify ways to improve a design solution.