Zoom to the Zoo! Upcoming Fundraisers

The First First Graders are holding bake sales to raise monies to cover the bus expenses for their field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo on Friday, May 31, 2019. Please support our efforts to Zoom to the Zoo!

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Valentine’s Day Bake Sale!

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Monday, February 11th

Tuesday, February 12th

Wednesday, February 13th

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Where: In the cafeteria

-During All Lunch Times-

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First Grade Fundraiser

Help us raise money for our field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo!

Thank You!


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Dear ICA Families,

Welcome to First Grade! My name is Miss Griffin and I am looking forward to teaching and learning with everyone this school year.  When you come to school, you will need to bring the below supplies, a healthy snack and drink, and a lunch or lunch money ($3 for lunch/day).


Don't forget to wear your smiles every day of school!



Miss Griffin






This year's school theme is IN CHRIST WE LIVE! Our school symbol for this school year is the butterfly. The butterfly is a symbol of resurrection. According to the Old Testament story, Christ died on the cross, was buried in a tomb for three days, and came to life again to offer hope of life after death. 


What We Are Learning in January 2019

December 2018 Mystery Readers

Parent Volunteers visited First Grade throughout the month of December to read stories to the children! 


December 2018 Christmas Angels

We made beautiful Christmas angels! WOW! Angel was one of our spelling words, in stories we read during December, and a part of our understanding of the Nativity during our December bible studies.

December 2018 Baby Jesus Letters

We wrote letters to Baby Jesus as a literacy activity for December. Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus! Here's an example of one.

December 2018 Snow Poetry

We wrote Snow Poems in December....let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

What We Are Learning In November 2018

Please visit the following Padlet to see the specifics for all that we are learning in First Grade in November!



What We Are Learning in October 2018

Please visit the following link for all the information on what we are learning in First Grade in all subject areas for October, including assessments. 


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Back To School Night Resources

Below is the link for the Back to School Resources used during my Back to School Night presentation to the ICA First Grade Families: